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Attending Board of Education meetings helps our Public Schools!
Board of Education Meeting schedules are at:
Meetings are in the basement Board of Education Meeting Room, BOE Building, 745 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ
We would like to encourage all Clifton parents, non-parents, students,
taxpayers and residents to get involved in our community. Volunteer your
time, attend events and meetings, ask questions, and Vote!
Clifton is Rising!
Another Group has a Facebook Page:
In 2015 - VICTORY!
Our Clifton Board of Education voted 5 to 4 in favor of the motion
to dismantle on September 16, 2015. Thank you.
To all of you who took the time out of your busy schedules
over the last six months to fight together against
mandatory school uniforms in our Clifton schools!
Together we made a difference!
We would also like to thank our friends at
Clifton Against Uniforms Facebook
for their dedication to this cause and for adding social media to the mix.
We also want to recognize the work of Dr. David L. Brunsma, whose 15+ years
of research has provided us with an invaluable resource on school uniforms
and the sage advice of the late Gary Peter Klahr Esq. whose fight against
mandatory school uniforms in American schools will continue to inspire us.
Stay alert and keep in touch.
If you ever find that this problem is surfacing again
please send us an email at capr@cliftoncapr.com
and let us know...
No Uniforms for Fall 2015... But watch out for Next Year!
(We must be vigilant...)

Our 2015 Campaign - C.A.P.R. IN THE PAPER!
Clifton Board of Ed. Tables School Uniforms- It's Over! (For now...)
After being turned away from school, Chicago student shot and killed walking home
(No bowtie for his uniform... Terribly sad.)
Eight seek three Clifton Board of Education seats
8 candidates run for Clifton school board
Clifton Board of Ed. candidates talk of issues, transparency
Former Clifton councilwoman forms citizens' watchdog group
Clifton Board of Education candidates discuss issues
Clifton school board candidates joust over school-uniform proposal
Clifton's school uniforms committee dismantled
Letter to the Editor: No need for school uniforms
Clifton school uniforms' path, costs explored
Clifton School District's OPRA request costs keep adding up
CAPR TV! Heat Forces Some NJ Schools To Close Early
(Not the HEAT they are complaining about- it's Public School Uniforms for Clifton schools!)
Letter to the Editor: Uniforms endanger freedom
Clifton School District to state: Why funding shortgage?
Clifton district's bullying numbers decrease
Eight candidates seek Clifton school board terms
Hijab-wearing girl named best-dressed student at US school
'I am honored': Hijab-wearing teen wins best dressed at high school
This Stylish Muslim Student Is Shattering Stereotypes With Her ‘Best Dressed’ Win
A modest fashion sensation: Clifton's 'best-dressed' teen draws global praise
Hijab a key part of ensemble for Clifton High's best-dressed girl
(Major INTERNATIONAL News Story- Impossible to occur in a Uniform school!)
Clifton's district tables schools uniforms
School uniforms don't boost security
Clifton school district hires new law firm
BOE taking rights away
Like Seinfeld, but not funny
CAPR TV! FiOS One: Clifton school officials say uniforms control behavior while parents say it limits expression
CAPR TV! FiOS One Piece on YouTube:
Debate over school uniforms rages on in North Jersey districts
CAPR TV! NJ 12: Officials hear debate on school uniforms in Clifton
Debate continues on Clifton schools uniforms
Shameful Behavior (Check Out the Comments!)
Uniforms not good for disabled children
Do today's teens have a social conscience?
No horsing around, uniforms and lots of Cliftons
Anti uniforms march in Clifton
School uniforms are not the answer
Clifton parents plan march to protest school uniform proposal
School uniforms debated in Clifton
School uniforms unfair to disabled children
School uniforms are a bad sign
Say no to school uniforms in Clifton
No uniforms for Clifton students
(But Uniforms for BOE members?)
Where are the facts for school uniforms in Clifton?
Clifton schools don't need uniforms
Two CAPR members spoke at the 5/5/2015 City Council Meeting
Last Meeting can be seen on demand at http://www.cliftonnj.org/CliftonTV
Survey unscientific and biased
(Copy of the 2015 Clifton Uniform Survey, English version)
Clifton schools looking into uniforms - again
Letter to the Editor: Say no to school uniforms in Clifton
NJ.COM Has a POLL On School Uniforms!
Be sure to cast your ballot!
Photos from the Second Clifton Public Forum on Uniforms
Image from the Second Clifton Public Forum on Uniforms: (Click to open full size in a new window)

From Facebook and Youtube: See the BOE's plan to pay for Uniforms with HSA Money! (Minute 7:50)
From the 5/6/2015 BOE Meeting:

Uniform Dress Code Policy - The Subcommittee's Proposal as PDF
From the bottom of this page:
From Facebook and Youtube: A Clifton Mom Speaks Out at the 5/6/2015 BOE Meeting:
Read the ORIGINAL Uniform Law, as passed by the NJ State Legislature. (Has been modified since then to remove Opt-Out clause!)
CURRENT State of New Jersey Uniform Law:
Expecially look at Findings, Adoption of dress code policy for schools permitted 18A:11-7 and 18A:11-8

Have YOU seen the 2015 Uniform Survey yet? Clifton BOE 2015 Uniform Survey, English version
En Español.
In Arabic. 
Download a ZIP file with THREE YEARS of Biased Surveys! 2009, 2012, & 2015

Inexpensive Polo Shirts are no longer a sign of elite status.
Instead, they have become a certain indicator of distressed urban schools.
The property values for all Citizens of Clifton will be affected by this policy.

If you are opposing a Uniform policy in your town,
please consider this website as a resource.
SIGN UP! Join our Email List!
Help us raise awareness and change New Jersey Law!

If this policy is adopted, New Jersey State Law does not mandate an Opt Out

for parents who want to opt out of a mandatory Uniform policy
due to Religious, Philosophical, or Other reasons. (18A:11-8)
NJ Law says that schools MAY adopt one.
Even if one is offered there are no guarantees,
a school board could still decline your request,
or change its mind and repeal their Opt Out Policy at a later date.
Eventually your request for an opt-out could end up in court,
where it might be denied.

We won in 2009. We won in 2012. We won again in 2015!
But will we win the NEXT TIME?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Traditional FREE Well Enforced Dress Code,
or a VOLUNTARY Uniform Standard Dress Policy.
But there is definitely something wrong when you are asked to give up your rights.

Download and Print our One Stop Fact Sheet!
Please share this flyer with other concerned parents.

Do you believe that our government has a right to regulate the color of religious clothes and head-coverings?
Lawyers employed by one NJ school with a uniform dress code think that it's perfectly acceptable.
In Pleasantville NJ, three judges recently upheld strict uniform enforcement.
The parents request to opt their child out of the program was denied.
Note what that school's victorious attorney had to say in this article:
"What about yarmulkes, what about turbans, what about other religions?" Polis said.
"According to the opinion it is perfectly okay for a school guard to turn away a Jewish student
with a blue yarmulke or even a Muslim student that has a blue kufi."

Tracey Cosby, the attorney for the Pleasantville school, said the decision has little bearing
on whether students can don religious apparel in public schools with uniforms,
but stressed the court did not have to address that issue to settle this case.
"There was no basis in religion because we had already explored the fact that
if the religious attire was within the color scheme, they are allowed to do so,"
Cosby said.
Read the original nj.com article.
Read More about how this law affects Your Rights- Click Here!
Important Articles about School Uniforms:
Education Week Magazine's May 1, 2005 Teacher Section Article: "Interview: Clothes-Minded"
Researcher David Brunsma gives the public school uniform craze a dressing down.
Article from the NAESP National Association of Elementary School Principals:
Uniform Policies in Public Schools, by David L. Brunsma
The school uniform movement continues to grow despite research
indicating that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do.
PDF- Uniform Policies in Public Schools

2012: Baristanet.com published an Op-Ed article from one of C.A.P.R.'s Members:

Video from the 2012 C.A.P.R. Protest

Have YOU received your Survey yet?  

FIND OUT The Truth about Uniforms
WATCH THIS short 6 min. VIDEO:
The Uniforming of Students and the Construction of Multiracial Identity
Sociologist Dr. Brunsma discusses various concerns about the growing school uniform crusade.
He addresses exactly what we are witnessing in Clifton and surrounding communities.
(This guy literally wrote the book on school uniforms.)

LISTEN to what has been happening to parents across the US:
Download and listen to a Standard MP3 file ("Podcast", 23mb)
from an Internet Radio Show "Point Negative's" interview with attorney Gary Klahr
on the Mandatory School Uniform and Standardized Dress policies flooding our nation's schools.

Read our One Stop Fact Sheet!

We believe that in order to be able to get uniforms into schools
by September, the BOE must vote it in before the beginning of June.

BOE Meetings include a "Public Recognition" section for public comments!

Our focus is upon our elected BOE members because their vote will decide this policy's fate.

Obligatory Legal Disclaimer

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