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Press Release: Surveys
Below are links to three different Clifton Uniform Surveys. This includes the current 2015 survey, and the 2012 and 2009 surveys. It's interesting to see how these have evolved over the years. Responses to the previous surveys can be found there too.
  We believe that people need to see the kind of biased surveys, or push polls being used by Uniform Manufacturers and the School Uniform Movement to promote mandatory uniform policies for our own free Public Schools. This has been going on all across the state! Once one of these policies is voted in, NJ Law does not require an Opt Out Policy to protect the rights of parents who do not wish to participate. It's time to change the NJ State Laws that favor Uniform companies and special interests over the educationand development of our children.
Clifton Board of Education Surveys on Uniforms, for three separate years

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