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Response to the 2012 Clifton, NJ School District Dress Code Policy Survey
Survey say's... Protect your Rights!
This yearís proposed policy is really just a Mandatory Uniform Policy in sheep's clothing!
This survey is NOT about implementing a simple stricter dress code policy!
It is cleverly designed to seem like you are approving/disapproving a simple strict dress code.
However, it is just a second insidious attempt
to REMOVE your parental rights while FORCING you to spend your money THEIR way...

Be forewarned... If you don't purchase, your child will be punished. Sound like bullying?
The Clifton Dress Code Policy 'Survey' is a SMOD Policy 'Survey'
SMOD or Standard Mode of Dress is simply a clever marketing strategy.

It appears less extreme, but it's just more of the same.


Strict? PLEASE NOTE that this new Clifton School District 'Dress Code' Policy 'Survey' uses the word STRICT seven times, but fails to define their enforcement plan. This is exactly what has been happing across the country. Once a Mandatory Uniform /SMOD Policy is implemented, anything goes. Suddenly the rules start to change. Increased compliancy checks distract children who want to learn, and enforcement techniques become more severe and humiliating. All across the country school officials are being given extraordinary power over what should be a parental prerogative, without any firm evidence that uniforms enhance learning or discipline. Parents are expected to go to the store each year and buy new outfits in order to comply with changes in color requirements, or the newly required outerwear, or new shirts without logos, or clothes with three buttons instead of five, etc., in order to meet new requirements. Sound fair?


Ask yourself who stands to benefit from this, your child or the uniform manufacturers and their sales people? Then consider the lessons these policies teach our children about diversity, tolerance, our constitution, our government, and our freedom of speech and religion. What kind of message will this send to our children? The truth is that research proves that Mandatory Uniform/SMOD Policies donít improve anything. See this unbiased article from:

The National Association of Elementary School Principals

The School Uniform movement continues to grow despite research indicating that it doesn't do what it's supposed to. †by Virginia Techís Dr. David L. Brunsma

Some other states rightly include opt out policy's that respect parents rights. Others wisely advocate voluntary programs. New Jersey is NOT one of them. It should not be illegal to dress your child in stripes, polka dots, or jeans etc. as long as they follow the school dress code rules. If you wear head coverings for religious reasons, our government has no right attempting to restrict their colors. We should not be coerced into doing anything against our core religious and political beliefs with the threat that our children's free education will be jeopardized if we do not comply. Think about it. Look it up. Learn more. Speak up. Don't give up your right to raise your child as you see fit. Say NO before it's too late. Otherwise your only option will be a legal battle for the right to raise your child as you see fit.

Sounds ridiculous? Please take a look at the next page and examine what has happened in a few other New Jersey Schools who have implemented Uniform Standard Dress or SMOD policies and ask yourself if this is truly a good idea.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Regular FREE Well Enforced Dress Code, or a VOLUNTARY Uniform Standard Dress Policy,
but there is definitely something wrong when you are asked to give up your rights.


Take a look at what other New Jersey parents and students are experiencing:


Bayonne with it's then new uniform standard dress policy was held up to us in 2009 as an example of what uniforms could do for Clifton, just as Passaic has been used as an example this time around. Let's take a closer look at Bayonne:

A day in court Uniform opponents may get hearing after all Dec 14, 2006

Second Bayonne High School girl banned from prom over uniform policy June 06, 2008

So has their uniform standard dress policy stopped the bullying there? Nope. Do the children feel safer? Not according to this CBS article and audio clip.
Note that the children in the photo are still wearing their SMOD outfits.
Bayonne Boy Says School Officials Arent Doing Anything To Stop Bullying Oct. 12, 2011


Atlantic City:
Read and hear what students and parents there have to say:

Atlantic City High School has suspended 150 students per day over dress code

http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/top_three/article_a1052da6-a19f-11de-ba14-001cc4c002e0.htmlSeptember 15, 2009

VIDEO: Atlantic City High School : Uniform Outrage

This is a National Issue!

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