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Clifton High School Dress Code



Parents have the primary responsibility for determining appropriate dress and grooming for their children.  While it is not

the intent of these regulations to usurp parent or student prerogatives in the selection of clothing styles, which frequently

change and reflect personal taste, it is necessary to establish guidelines and limits of what will be permitted within the

school environment.  Of paramount importance in this dress code are the health and safety of the students and the

avoidance of disorder and/or distractions to the educational process.  Optimum learning conditions are of utmost

importance and are our focus.  This dress code reinforces that value.


The purpose of the school dress code is to establish standards for what is acceptable dress and grooming within the school

setting with particular concern for the health and safety of the students.  In addition, the code is designed to encourage a

mode of dress and grooming that is conducive to establishing a climate of discipline, order, teaching and an effective

learning environment.



The following items of clothing shall not be permitted in schools during school hours:

1. Fashion or materials that exaggerate, emphasize, reveal, or call attention to anatomical details;

2. Torn or cut articles of clothing; whether decorative or from wear;

3. Muscle shirts, tank tops, mesh shirts, or biker shorts; oversized baggy pants, pajama bottoms, pajama tops,

fleece pants, or pant legs that hang over the sneakers or shoes;

4. Skirts or shorts should be no shorter than two inches above the knee,

5. Sweatbands, bandanas and similar headgear are not permitted unless used for religious purposes;

6. Pants not worn at the waist or hip;

7. Messages on clothing by picture or word may not be lewd, obscene, drug/alcohol oriented, or profane, and

may not infer violence/weapons;

8. Shirts in which the shoulders are not covered from the base of the neck to the edge of the shoulder or that

expose the midriff;

9. Any shirt that falls below the extended finger tips must be completely tucked in to the waistband; also all

non- collared shirts must be completely tucked into the waistband.

10. Jewelry that poses a safety hazard such as: spike bracelets, necklaces, or heavy chains are not permitted. 

No jewelry is permitted in physical education classes.

11. Sunglasses.

12. No clothing or jewelry representative of membership or affiliation with a particular group unless preapproved by the administration, i.e. ROTC


For safety, footwear that provides a firm walking surface and good balance must be worn.  Therefore; loose,

untied laces or straps, flip-flops, slippers, or any footwear that poses a safety hazard are not permitted.  

Miscellaneous Dress Code Information

Coats, jackets, hats, headbands and head coverings - Students are required to place coats, jackets, hats and

headbands in their lockers during school hours.  These articles may not be carried in any way inside the school

after the first period class begins. 

Hooded sweatshirts or “hoodies” are not considered to be jackets and are therefore permitted to be worn in

school; however, hoods are not permitted to cover a student’s head, in place of a hat. Hoods must remain off in


In situations in which health and/or safety factors become critical, temporary modifications of the dress code

may be necessary and will be established before the activity by the classroom teacher and/or building 

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