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Mixed feelings about school uniforms are causing disruption to our suburban community.

C.A.P.R Action Calendar     Be heard! No uniforms for our Clifton schools! Public comment allowed:
Wear Black May 23rd to show your support silently, or ask questions, share your thoughts, and speak your mind.
Clifton Board of Education Administration Building, 745 Clifton Ave. (parking lot and entrance in back of building)
May 23, 2012 (Wednesday) Board of Education Regular Board Meeting: 7:00PM (This may be our LAST chance.)


      The Clifton Board of Education is trying to implement a mandatory uniform standard dress code policy. This is the second time since 2009. C.A.P.R. supports enforcing the existing dress code policy and saying “NO!” to uniforms for our free Clifton public schools. We encourage other citizens to speak at upcoming Board of Education meetings, and to contact our elected commissioners regarding this important issue. Please join our mailing list if you wish to stay informed.

      The proposed ‘strict dress code’ is actually a mandatory uniform policy. If adopted, it will have a far reaching effect upon our entire community. Parent’s rights and taxpayer’s property values may be negatively impacted. School uniforms represent failed and troubled urban districts. Clifton is a suburban community that does not deserve this image. Successful schools don’t need uniforms. Board of Education commissioners should respect parental boundaries. A vote for mandatory uniforms is a vote against parent’s rights.

      The survey the district used to gain parental input on this issue was flawed. Both its paper and electronic forms could be submitted more than once. It presented biased information and unsubstantiated claims. The forum the district held to gain public input was poorly advertised. Various pro and con opinions regarding uniforms can be debated, but long term research and sociological studies show that school uniforms do not influence safety, school climate, substance abuse, behavior problems, attendance, or test scores. Links to research along with a copy of the 2012 survey are available on C.A. P. R.’s website: http://cliftoncapr.com


To date, the Clifton Board of Education has not answered many questions, such as:

1.       Has the Board considered how this drastic change to a uniform policy might impact the value of our homes and businesses?

2.       How do they suggest we explain to potential new home owners and investors that Clifton Schools are not a failed urban district if they choose to make us look like one?

3.       What costs are involved for the district to institute a uniform policy?

4.       Will the existing school survey be considered null and void since it could be taken more than once; information stated is inaccurate; and many survey questions imply bias as to perceptions?

5.       What are the disruptions that administration is finding within the educational/learning process that warrant the need for students to wear a school uniform in Clifton?

6.       How many violations of the existing dress code policy have occurred in each district school?

7.       What are the educational reasons that can be cited for wearing uniforms?

8.       Where is the research information that the survey refers to, and will it be posted on the district’s website, given to local newspapers and forwarded to each school’s parent organization?

9.       What will be the consequences for students who violate the new strict uniform policy and will these be applied to students with sensory or other special needs? How will this impact those with differing philosophical and religious beliefs regarding proper dress?

10.    Will in home schooling or alternative options be provided for students and students of parents that refuse to follow the policy? What is the estimated cost of this per student?

11.    How will receiving a free uniform be determined? Will a factor of determination consider families without a washer/dryer in their home?

12.    Will there be future changes to this policy regarding outer garments, shoes and accessories?

13.    How will uniforms prepare students for a future where diversity, competition and more exist?

14.    How will the district implement this new policy? Will it assess its support of the educational/learning process with detailed self-studies, focus groups and research specific to the needs of each school?

Download and Print our PDF Position Statement.
Please distribute this to other concerned parents!

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